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The Area Agency on Aging of Dane County serves individuals who are age 60 and over and/or their family members by providing information and assistance in accessing services that will help older adults stay in their own homes and communities. The amount of assistance that is provided is dependent upon the needs of the older adult. These services can be short-term (such as getting signed up for a prescription drug program) or long-term (such as someone who is frail or who has a chronic health condition receiving ongoing monitoring and support from a Case Manager) and anywhere in between. Examples of community-based services include: congregate and home delivered meals, caregiver support, case management, and help with benefit questions. Many of these services are provided on a donation basis and are delivered at the local level.

The Area Agency on Aging of Dane County is the designated County Aging Unit. The Aging Unit is appointed to act as a planning and policy development body for programs for older adults in the county that are funded by the federal Older Americans Act and state supplemental funding.

Our Mission:

  1. To advocate for older adults and to enable them to maintain their full potential and enhance their quality of life.
  2. To affirm the dignity and value of older adults by supporting their choices for living in and giving to our community.
  3. To create and promote opportunities for communication among the entire community, including local organizations and elected representatives and public and private service providers.

Core Activities:

The Area Agency on Aging of Dane County advocates, develops, and coordinates services for senior adults age 60+

  • Provides information to help senior adults make informed choices to preserve autonomy.
  • Offers leadership in advocacy.
  • Encourages senior coalition.
  • Supports elder rights.
  • Manages contracts with agency providers to ensure services are cost-effective and accountable.
  • Determines if existing services are meeting identified needs.
  • Organizes community responses to gaps in the service system.
  • Provides training to promote public awareness.
  • Assists with the development of Health Promotion and Prevention Programs

The AAA publishes a monthly newsletter [Caregiver Chronicles] to provide Dane County Caregivers with useful information and resources.

Please check out our latest edition below.

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