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Senior Nutrition Program

Senior Nutritionist

A Senior Nutritionist is contracted by Dane County to assist in senior meal planning at Older American Act supported senior dining sites throughout Dane County. The Nutritionist is responsible for ensuring the senior meals provide 1/3 of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) and DRI (dietary reference intake) needed by aging adults. These meals provide a protein, vegetable, fruit, bread, milk, and dessert. They must follow the dietary guidelines for senior adults. All menus are approved by the Registered Nutritionist. The Nutritionist also completes an annual on-site inspection of all Dane County senior dining sites to ensure they meet all regulatory guidelines for safety and sanitation.

Senior Dining Sites & Home-delivered Meals

There are 25 Dane County senior dining sites where seniors (age 60+) meet to socialize and have a nutritious meal on a donation basis. Programs, activities, and information about health, resources, and nutrition often accompany the meal. Transportation is available. For those who are homebound, a hot nutritious meal can be delivered to a person’s home.
Click here for information on senior dining locations and home-delivered meals.

Senior Farmers Market Vouchers and Distribution

Starting in June each year, AAA distributes farmer's market vouchers for senior adults to use in purchasing a yearly determined amount of fruit, vegetables, or herbs at Farmer's Markets and roadside farm stands in Wisconsin during the growing season (June - October). The vouchers are distributed on a first-come/first-serve basis to seniors who are age 60+ and have gross incomes under the 180% poverty level. (This amount varies each year.) Households can only receive one set of vouchers—regardless of the household size. Vouchers cannot be mailed.

To obtain vouchers, you must prove eligibility. Please bring a photo ID showing your birth date and one of the following showing your income: previous year’s income tax form, Homestead Credit form, social security allotment statement, or subsidized housing review letter.

If you need someone to pick-up vouchers for you, an application needs to be completed and signed by you and brought along when your designee picks up your vouchers. To receive an application prior to the pick-up dates, contact your local senior focal point or Mary Browning at 608.261.5678 or

Vouchers are distributed at various locations throughout Dane County. Dates and locations are posted here (will provide in 2015). If you received vouchers last year, you will receive a letter in early May with the distribution location and times. No appointment necessary.

“This program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”

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