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AAA Board’s letter to Senators Baldwin & Johnson and Representative Pocan welcoming the 116th Congress, urging a bipartisan effort to reauthorize the Older Americans Act, and working towards a FY 2020 funding strategy

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AAA Board’s letter to Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul urging him to continue the Wisconsin Elder Abuse Task Force’s efforts in combating elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation

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Free Welcome to Medicare Seminars | What you need to know about enrolling in Medicare
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If you are turning age 64 this year, the Dane County Area Agency on Aging wants to help you make informed choices about your Medicare options! Do you understand what Medicare is and isn’t... how to avoid penalties for late enrollment in Medicare... and how to get the most out of your health and prescription benefit plans? Some decisions and actions about Medicare can take place 3-6 months before you turn 65, so don’t wait until you are turning 65 to understand all you need to know about this important benefit.

Want easy to understand answers to all of these complex questions? Sign up to attend one of the Free Welcome to Medicare Seminars. By attending a seminar, you’ll walk away with the accurate and detailed information you need from unbiased experts in benefit programs.

Click here for the Welcome to Medicare Seminars 2019 Schedule and registration information.
⤷ 2019-2021 Dane County Aging Plan APPROVED

The AAA Board of Directors approved a three year aging plan that represents intent of the Area Agency on Aging of Dane County to ensure senior adults have the opportunity to realize their full potential and to participate in all areas of community life. Thanks for all the community input and volunteer help in creating a strong plan of action for the next three years!

Four Senior Focal Points Merge into NewBridge

Effective January 1st, 2019, four Madison nonprofits committed to serving older adults, North/Eastside Senior Coalition, West Madison Senior Center, South Madison Coalition of the Elderly, and East Madison/Monona Coalition of the Aging, will merge and operate under the new name NewBridge Madison.

The merger will allow the organizations to consolidate resources and no longer compete for funding. As one entity, all four organizations will continue to offer case management, meal sites, home chore, social opportunities, and other services for older adults.

It was announced today the Marcia Hendrickson, current executive director of South Madison Coalition of the Elderly, will serve as the executive director of NewBridge, with the three other directors assuming executive leadership roles in development, marketing communications, advocacy, and operations.

"When we come together and share resources, and we connect, not only is it more efficient, but we learn from each other and we all benefit" said Joe Parisi.

A merger of this kind is unique in the nonprofit landscape of Madison. The City of Madison gave $95,000 to support the merger. Mayor Paul Soglin said, "It's about the efficiencies, or the elimination of duplication of services. It's about bringing all those minds together, so that we can do better and so that in every one of these critical areas, we will hit the mark of providing the best services, the best lives, and the very best that we are capable of, and that can only be done with the collaboration from the federal government, and the state government, as well as the city and county government."

New AAA Board Appointments

Congratulations are in order!

The AAA Board elected Carole Kretschman and Richard Kilmer to be Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively. Carole is a retired nurse who worked many years at the County’s Badger Prairie Health Care Center. Richard is a retired pharmacist and current Dane County Supervisor for District 4.

Supervisor Melissa Ratcliff was appointed to the AAA Board. She is replacing Danielle Williams, former Dane County Supervisor and AAA Board Chair, who was recently hired as the Dane County Lobbyist (replacing Mickey Beil who retired).

My Meal, My Way Restaurants Receive State Award

Dane County AAA nominated five local food establishments (four restaurants and a grocery store) for a state-wide award recognizing the exceptional commitment to welcoming and serving senior adult customers at their individual establishments through their willingness to partner with the Area Agency on Aging of Dane County in the My Meal, My Way senior dining program. They are:

  • Jim Norton--Cranberry Creek (Madison)
  • Eric Woodruff--Fink’s Café (Mt. Horeb)
  • Mike and Terry Zeiglemeier--Ziggy’s BBQ Smokehouse & Ice Cream Parlor (Oregon)
  • Kevin Schnell--Skogen’s Festival Foods (Madison)
  • Dzemail “Jack” Amiti--DeForest Family Restaurant

The award nomination stated, “In hopes of reversing a downward trend in seniors participating in the congregate dining program, the 2014 Elderly Nutrition Program Revitalization Task Force of the State of WI proclaimed the following mission statement, “To foster, encourage, and promote choice, innovation, and opportunities for partnership that increase the nutritional and social well-being of older adults throughout Wisconsin.” Over the past 35 years, Dane County had used traditional venues to provide meals for seniors. Some of these included senior centers, community centers, churches, and senior housing. Some remain highly successful, while others struggled to survive. Dane County needed to explore new public/private partnerships to reverse the downward trend in senior congregate meal participants and meet the mission for revitalization. The openness and willingness to partner, create exciting menus, give back to the community by supporting senior dining, and willingness to do so without making any profit, makes these five organizations exceptional and deserving of the Special Service Award. They go above and beyond our wildest expectations to welcome senior diners, provide the highest quality of freshly prepared food, encourage social interaction in inviting spaces, and seek to grow and change with us as partners in the aging process, demonstrating their commitment to philanthropy and the future of aging.”

These five food establishments expanded the ability of the Aging Network to reach more seniors and introduce them to the aging network of services when they may be resistive to the notion of “senior” services at traditional locations. They have increased the number of seniors choosing to participate in the congregate dining option (Dane County is one, if not the only one, experiencing an upward trend) due to:

  1. Menu Choice – having 4 to 10 menu options to choose from so that everyone does not have to eat the same thing
  2. Food made fresh to order, often using local sources for food
  3. Flexibility – diners choose when to go during a serving window, e.g., 8 am - 10 am, 9 am - 1 pm
  4. No reservations required
  5. No reservations required

They have helped Dane County increase program donations more than $120,000 over three years, enabling the County to provide more meals for more seniors. Due to their example and efforts, My Meal-My Way has been replicated in 6 counties across Wisconsin to date. Recognizing them publically will encourage other non-traditional aging network providers to step forward across WI.

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